Well, if you are a Delhi citizen then surely well aware of the using metro service for travelling, especially during the rainy season. For those who have routine trip to their offices during the peak hours on the nation’s capital, the metro services are truly a gift. In order to improvise the metro service in the capital city, the government has decided to add extra value added features to the Delhi based metro service. Following that, the government has recently released in its statement that, Delhi metro will be upgraded with driverless metro trains.

Delhitians to experience driverless metro service

Ongoing renovation works in the Delhi metro services has several whopping factors in it. Among those, conducting driverless metro service for the public is highlighted one. The overcrowded train travelling will be overcome once the ongoing up gradation process under the Phase – III. In fact, under this upcoming upgrade, the new generation coaches will be introduced on the two new lines which are being established under the new expansion plan on Delhi metro project.

Once it is done, the frequency of the train will be increased and the travelers would feel more convenient and comfort while they utilizing train traveling. According to the confirmation made by the spokesman of CTBC (Communication – Based Train Control) technology, the trains will be operated with the time gap of 90secs.


image: outlookindia.com

With these new lines, the travelling will be more convenient and easier across Delhi and NCR. Moreover, the announcement of the driverless metro trains has gained lots of attractions among the public, to be frank, it will be interesting to witness the implementation of the driverless trains and its functions in the city. It is assured that the successful implementation will be the biggest relief for the travelers who are suffering from the overcrowded trains during the peak, hours.