BS-III ban: Auto companies stuck with Rs 20,000 crore inventory 

According to the Supreme Court order ban BS III vehicles get banned from fist April. This decision will hit around 20,000 crore, Court give the order to the Supreme Court order to ban BS III vehicles from April 1, auto companies are scrambling to liquidate stocks and upgrade besides considering export options to minimize the impact. It is estimated that around 40,000 three wheeler are affected by the ban. Because of this ban company is trying to sale it’s as many peace as it can.

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Due to this ban company put a sale on the vehicle and one can get a huge discount on the sale of the vehicles. One can also get cash back offer of Rs 22,000 on its BS III scooters and motorcycles models after this ban. So it will be very reasonable to the people who want to buy scooters or motorcycles