British Airways launches longest long-haul flight to Santiago, Chile


British Airways has announced that it is going to launch the first and the only direct flight between London and Santiago, Chile, from 3rd January, 2017. Along with this launch, the British airlines will become the lengthiest long-haul route, taking 14 hours 40 minutes, from London to Santiago. Until now the longest flight was of the Buenos Aires which has a 13 hour 50 minute flight.

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This new flight of British Airways will be a four in a week flight. The Airways will have its newest aircraft, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, going to and fro the two countries. The flight is a four-cabin aircraft. The flight will depart from Heathrow (London) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 22:00 hours and will arrive in Santiago at 09:40 hours on the following day. The return flight will depart at 18:45 hours from Santiago and will reach London at 12:05 hours of the following day.

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Santiago will be the latest in the list of Latin America destinations of the British Airways. Recently the British Airways launched new services to San Jose in Costa Rica and Lima in Peru.  The Airways also operates flight to Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Buenos Aires in Argentina. In the fast few years, the British Airways has been making efforts in extending more flights connecting London to different countries of South and Central America. The main aim of doing so, being the boosting and promoting of business and tourism of London and also America.

With the addition of this flight route, more travelers from both the places will have easy connectivity and hence tourism and business between the two countries will grow. Chile is of enormous appeal to leisure travelers of Britain, especially those looking for adventure, exploration and experiences of natural beauty, great food and wine. So having a direct flight will be of great convenience for the travelers. The route of Chile and London is an important link and will prove to be beneficial for both the countries in terms of revenue and also tourism. Both countries and the British Airways have great expectation from the launch of the new flight route.