The Bookmyshow is a Mumbai based company which had recently announced the acquisition of nfusion. It is based on the IT consultancy which would offer the best service and the jukebox. What specialty and the feature which makes you to enjoy in the jukebox? It is an interesting one through which you can easily download all the interesting songs as per your interest. This service had newly started up just now but it has an amazing results. It had been founded in the 1999 and at present it is present nearly in the 650 towns and cities across the India. Its third acquisition was in the Mumbai.


Make use of the opportunity that had been provided to you

It would be easy for the customer to have a look and choose the list of the song that is needed from the catalogue. From the list you can also download the latest free songs that are available for you and you hear it freely and lively. Even you can make use of the movie tickets and from this site you can nearly claim 10 free songs download. Currently the jukebox would offer nearly 1.5 Mn songs to choose from the place.

You can also make use of the online streaming which had a strong bond of the players which you choose. You can also enjoy the lots of new songs with the different players list like the Hungama, Gaana and Saavan. This all had raise higher in the market levels and made all your works easily through this you can able to enjoy the new songs.