Big Boss 10 Contestant Om Swami is making shocking allegations

As all the enthusiastic viewers of Big Boss know that the shocking allegations made by Big Boss 10 contestant Om Swami have created quite a furor. Here are the details.

His antics leave the nation speechless

This aging political leader and supposed godman has been taking several digs at the host of the show and Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan. Apparently he has threatened to knock the actor flat and break every bone in his body on the grand finale slated to be telecast on January 28 2017. According to the contestant, the superstar has contracted AIDS which shocking allegation made news headlines. Om Swami even accused Salman Khan of having tied the knot under wraps with some mysterious London lass. He even claimed that the actor has fathered a daughter as well. Understandably, these accusations left everyone speechless, at the audacity and gall of the Swamiji.  The actor was even accused of being an ISI agent by this contestant on his very own television show.

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While these accusations and his ungentlemanly conduct have not won the man any points, it sure provides controversy and entertainment unlimited for gossip mongers. One can only wait and watch with bated breath to see the outcome of the duel between the happening Bollywood superstar and Om Swami.