Best things to do in Manila


1. Enjoy the Walking excursion at Intramuros

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This is a historical standing walled city with interesting walk around and beautiful exploring location of Manila. It still successfully withstand over facing several natural disasters and wars. You can have a relaxing horse-drawn ride through this oldest Manila district. To get enough knowledge and better views of the city’s history and culture then prefer a walk around with a professional guide.

2. Use your bargaining skills in local street Markets

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It is the real shopping adventures place where you can surf through variety of shops in the Divisoria, Baclaran and Quiapo streets. You can get your desired items here in cheap price only if you have the skill of haggling. There will be a lot of crowd surrounded by all the time where as the extremely humid weather will never bother.

3. Give Stage to your Singing Talent at Karaoke Bars

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If you are a music lover or expecting for a little stage to perform your own singing talent then it is the best place to burst out it. Here locals will give opportunities randomly where some go through a tough time or some other may reward with mild clap. Don’t hesitate, just go on with your desired mood and rap the stage.

4. Cruise in Manila Bay

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Experience the best cruise journey along with a beautiful partner which is a best romantic situation to enjoy. Surely it will be an everlasting memory in everyone’s life. The Manila Bay’s famous tourist attraction specially includes the dusk sighting. There are variety of hotels and restaurants available around this Manila Bay to spend good time with family and friends.

5. Taste the Dampa Seafood

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If you like to have yummy, fresh and delicious seafood then Manila’s Dampa Seafood is the best place for it. They buy high quantity of raw seafood items from the market and transform it into a tasty cuisine which is carried-out like an art regularly. Eating appetizing Seafood is one of the favourite things to do in Manila by most of the tourists.