Best theme based hotels around the world


A holiday experience in many cases would only be complete if the hotel stay could add some flavor to the outdoor adventure and fun the tourist is experiencing. Hotels with a theme in their get up are just such places to rest the holidaying bones at.

1. Ljubljana Hostel Celica

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It is based on a prison theme, but guests would be surprised at the awesome unique experience e they would have at this property. The prison bars yet exits and the rooms too but the get up has been magically modified to give that feel of warmth and cozy.

2. Rivoli Hostel Cinema, Portugal

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Porto chain of hotels in Portugal has their rooms décor based on movies. There is the Corpse Bride room for those who are Tim Burton followers. Ice Age themed room for the Sid and Sloth fans.

3. Jumbo Jet based hotel, Stockholm

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A ground affixed hotel that gives the feel of a Jumbo Jet from within is located at Stockholm. A room is even designed like the cockpit of the Jumbo Jet airplane.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

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The Dog Bark Park Inn at Idaho would have any pet lover and specially dog lovers wagging their heads in appreciation. Very child friendly the entire shape of a dog this hotel is of great interest.

5. The Georgian House, London

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The theme based on the magical world of Hogwarts, this hotel would cast a spell of wonder on anyone aware of the magical tales.