Barcelona plans day trip tax for tourists


Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city attracts many tourist to the city. All the overnight visitors of the Catalan city have to pay a tourist tax to hotels. But now the travelers who visit the city for a day and do not stay for the night, will also soon have to pay tax for visiting the city.

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Left-wing mayor Ada Colau is surely trying to find more and more ways to increase the returns on the millions of tourist who visit the city. The visitors staying in Barcelona already have to pay tourist tax in three ways that include tax at hotels, tax on cruises, and tax for the homes owned by the tourist. And now the city wants to imply new tax for the traveler who visit Barcelona just for a day or few hours.

The council proposed a tax called the ‘day tripper tax’. This kind of tax would be imposed on travelers who are cruise passengers and those on organized tours, who would tend to spend mere hours in the city before moving on. For people travelling in coaches, a road toll or increased fees for parking in the city could be a way to impose the tax to the day travelers.

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The aim behind introducing the new tax is to maintain the cleanliness and security of the city and also to control the floating population that is causing the indirect expulsion of local people. This has led to the city in taking certain steps.

The details of the tax system has not been announced properly. But then very soon the details will be announced to the traveler. After Colau took the office in 2015, she has been discussing in limiting the number of tourist to the city. The reason she states is that the city should be prevented from reaching its saturation limit. She is at a view that the city is being constantly filled by tourists and this has been a cause of many problems which includes hiking rent prices, and also forcing locals out of the center of the city.

Barcelona is not the only or the first city to have been working on limiting the tourism rules and the rules relating to it. Places like Cinque Trre of Italy and Iceland are also doing the same. So now travelers to these states and countries have to know the new tax rules before visiting the place.