After getting hard hit by the sexual harassment allegation 23 year old Brooklyn photographer grace, the best performance award winner of the 75th annual golden globe awards the actor-comedian Aziz Ansari has responded to the allegation by sending his statement to huff post via his representative. Where in his statement he mentioned as he thought that the sexual encounter between the two was held with the mutual agreement.

Aziz Ansari’s statement

Well in his statement he elaborated the relationship in detail, in the September month of last year 2017. The duo met during a party and exchanges the numbers, after getting in touch via texts and calls they eventually went for a date. After the dinner, they ended with the sexually activity however, the action seems to be completely consensual he mentioned strongly in his statement.

By the way, the next morning too he received texts from the 23year old women as the action seems to be okay after reflecting few uncomfortable. Which I feel though, however after hearing that it was not in the case for her, I felt surprised and took her words to his heart, after taking enough time, he responded to her privately.

What grace has conveyed in babe?

Meanwhile, while looking back at grace’s allegation, Ansari started to force anal sex after the duo entered into the Ansari’s apartment after taking dinner. While getting involved, she felt pressured and experienced the despite though she expressed the verbal and non-verbal cues about her uncomfortable.

After leaving the apartment, grace conveyed that she started to cry over the incident and texted Ansari by explaining the discomfort she faced. She quoted the texts as “It may have seemed okay. But I didn’t feel good at all”.

For which, Anzari replied as so sad and sorry for the incident happened also he added that it wasn’t intentional.