Asiana Airlines increases frequency on its Incheon-Delhi route


Asiana Airlines has recently announced that from July 3rd, 2016, the airline will be expanding its services from currently three to five flights in a week from Incheon to New Delhi. This South Korean airlines will be flying more non-stop flights which will have 260 economy seats and 30 business class seats.

The reason behind expanding the service has been stated as the growth of the tourism market and business travelers between India and Korea. Seeing the increase in the number of travelers, the airlines has decided to provide more flights in order to connect the two countries. It is expected to increase the number of travelers for both leisure and business.

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Asiana Airline has decided to take the initiative of making the travel between the two countries more comfortable and easy. Earlier there were only 3 direct flights in a week going to and fro the countries. But now with two more flights, the travelers will find it easy to plan their travel. It will also give the travelers more number of frequency for travel. The decision is said to benefit both the countries in terms of business and travel. It will be a step to boast tourism of both the countries.

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Under this expansion the flights will depart from the Incheon International airport on all days except for Monday and Friday at 20:40 hours and will reach New Delhi at 01:00 hours the next morning. Similarly the flights from New Delhi will depart the country on the days of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 02:20 hours and will reach Seoul at 13:00 hours.

The airbus of this airline will have around 300 to 330 seats, having seating facilities for both economic and business travelers. The facility will be useful for many travelers who fly for vacations to Korea or India, and also the business travelers who fly to and fro the country for business purpose. The increase in the number of flights will also strengthen the bond between the two countries and bring revenue to both counties. The business and tourism opportunity for India and Korea is expected to expand with this initiative of Asiana Airlines.