Apple has presented plans for the next 5 years. Among the assumptions, among other things, the construction of a new headquarters, the creation of 20,000 jobs and, above all, payment of a gigantic tax – 38 billion dollars from income earned abroad.

All planned investments are expected to bring the US economy 350 billion USD. Where do such plans from Tim Cook come from? This is primarily related to the policy of Donald Trump and the pressure on investments in the country.

Apple will rather not stop the production of iPhones in Asian countries, but intends to “appease” Donald Trump by planning such gigantic investments in the US. For now, no one knows where the new headquarters of Tim Cook will be built. This will be announced in the following months of 2018.

In the current year, Apple aims to support the US economy the amount of 55 billion dollars. Apple’s investments are expected to reach around 9,000 companies in the USA. Tim Cook and the company will also organize training for novice programmers and build new data centers in the United States.

Regarding the tax reform of Donald Trump, it is worth recalling that Apple could have avoided paying the tax. The new law provides for one-off import of funds from abroad to the country – exempt from tax. Among other things, because some time ago there were rumors about the potential purchase of Netflix by Tim Cook. You can read more about it here – Will Apple buy Netflix?

Does the fact that Apple will pay tax mean that Netflix’s purchase of thread? Possible. Critics also say that there is no reason to be happy – due to the mentioned investments of the Cupertino Company. For now, it is not known how these funds will be allocated, how much of them will really help to support the national economy.