Angelina Jolie Responds to Trump’s Travel Ban

Well, the new elected president of US Mr. Donald Trump has recently banned the people from the seven of Muslim majority country to enter into the United States land. The controversial rule of Trump has created lot of stir all around the world and even the Judiciary system of US has currently the hold the rule imposed by the president that ease the hard situation in political level.

The actresses, mother of six and the human rights advocate Angelina Jolie recently made a strong statement against the president Mr. Trump by saying as “The political response from the leaders should be taken based on the proven facts and it must not be on basis for fear or assumption”.

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The travel ban for people from those 6 countries from which the majority of Muslims enters US soil has received lot oppose from several countries and celebrities all over the world.  The actresses also pointed that the travel ban will affect the refugees who are the victims of terrorism’s might lose the chance of regaining their life back from US soil, since the travel ban includes the suspension of US refugee camp for about 120 months. The Oscar winning actress Jolie, itself a perfect example for all as she adopted six children from various countries and became a role model for many social workers.

She also quoted that the move taken by the US president will initiate many other countries to follow the same foot path which will leads too instability and great threat to humanity.