Jallikattu – a customary bull chasing sport

Jallikattu is a very old sport which is played in Tamil Nadu after the Pongal celebration. Jallikaatu sport could be referred to as bull taming event normally practiced in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day, third day of the four day Pongal festival. So far, you be familiar with that Jallikattu is a bull taming sport and an essential part of Tamil culture.

What Exactly the Jallikattu is:

Jallikattu is a customary bull chasing sport of Tamil Nadu which is organized at the time of the harvest festival Pongal.  During this game there are big crowds of people in some open land. Farmer comes with their bulls. A bag of coin is tightly fitted on the horns of selected bull. The amount in the bag will be considered as the prize amount. Once the bag is fitted on the horns people try to get coin bag from the horn. The only method you could do that was to hold the hump of the bull long sufficient to clutch the bag without getting hit. The person who takes bag without hitting is the winner of the game.


Image source: India.com

It is supposed the sport was not cruel earlier. It became crueler when people consider it just a way to get money and started betting on bulls.

The rules of the Jallikattu game

  • In this game the player have to hold up the humps from some particular distance and for some particular time.
  • Player can hold the tail or horn to control the bull
  • In another alternative, the bull is tied by a long rope and a team of players has to restrain the bull within an exact time to win.
  • In all option the target is to control the bull and get the money bag