All you have to know about H 1B Visa

U.S immigrants

  • Every year the immigrants’ population is on the rise in US. According to a statistics in 2013, more than thirteen percent of the populations are immigrants. More than twenty five percent of the populations are children born to immigrants.
  • Indians ranks first among the immigrants moving every year to America. They are followed by China, Mexico and Philippines. California is the state with the largest number of immigrants.
  • Most of the immigrants move for job opportunities and later they get the permanent citizenship status. The increase in immigrants is due to the H1B visa introduced in 90’s to increase the quality of workforce in America by employing foreign nationals.

H1B – The gateway for immigrants

  • H1B is a visa for employment which will be provided based on the request issued by the employing company. The company will get the visa for the candidate stating their need for skilled foreign professionals. All the costs for getting the visa will be spent by the recruiting company. The minimum salary that must be paid to an H1B visa holder was sixty thousand USD.
  • It was mainly introduced to meet the man power demands in area of research, software and other engineering areas. Recruitment of skilled professionals from abroad was economical to the companies compared to recruiting local Americans.
  • H1B visa holder can work for a period of three to six years. They are also eligible to apply for green card and they can buy/sell properties anywhere in U.S.
  • An upper limit of sixty five thousand was fixed on the number of visas provided every year. An additional twenty thousand visas were provided to people who did their masters in U.S.
  • Due to heavy competition the government announced lottery scheme to select the candidates. However, a fixed number of visas were kept reserved for people hailing from Chile and Singapore due to their free trade with America.

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New restrictions

To keep in check the immigrant population, it is expected that the minimum salary limit will be increased to 130,000 USD. The relaxation given to master degree holders will also be removed. However, this will affect the companies in U.S since they will face shortage of skilled manpower. The companies across the world also will face recession.