All you have to know about Daughter of Donald Trump

23-year-old Tiffany is the only daughter of Donald Trump and his second spouse Marla Maples; she was developed in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Named after the popular jewellery chain, Tiffany & Co, Tiffany was introduced up by her mum in California after her parents separated.

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Despite Ivanka and Tiffany being both are Trump’s kids but they’re 2 different individuals, so it’s outrageous to say that they will get the same treatment, even by their own dad, and the explanation why Ivanka might be Trump’s preferred are:

1-Actually, as it’s known, Ivanka is 12 years older than Tiffany, and many Trump opponents accuse him of having incest with his daughter Ivanka, so when Tiffany was just a kid, Ivanka was all expanded up and in adolescence, so if Trump had any intentions or tendencies towards incest, then Ivanka would be his first incest, and with their relationship growth, soon she’ll requirement to be the only one.

2-Her company thoughts are obviously much better than Tiffany’s, she has a net value of 150 million dollars, while Tiffany is only worth 1 million dollars.

3-Ivanka is the daughter of Ivana Trump, Trump’s first spouse, and mum of three of his kids. While Tiffany is the only daughter that Trump ever had from his second spouse Marla Maples, which kind of make her a lonely child, and obviously makes her separate to the remaining family plus the age factor.

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She completed her graduation from, the University of California in 2016, where she studied urban sciences and sociology.

Apart from living the high life with her friends and supporting her President dad, it looks like Tiffany could be considering going to law school.