Democrat Senator Doug Jackson has pulled off an impressive disappointed by narrowly winning the Senate competition in the US state of Alabama, even as his Republican competitor, Roy Moore, will not acknowledge defeat. Jones defeated Moore, a questionable applicant who has been charged with sexual misconduct, after a bitter campaign in which US President Donald Trump freely recommended the Republican.


The stunning upset by Jones makes him the first Democrat chose to the Senate from Alabama in a quarter-century and will cut the Republicans’ already filter Senate majority to 51-49, risking Trump’s plan and opening the entrance for Democrats to possibly retake the chamber in next year’s congressional elections. Trump recommended Moore even as other party leaders in Washington stepped away from him, but Jones, 63, a former government prosecutor, represented the campaign as a referendum on decency and guaranteed the state’s voters he would not put down them in Washington.

Moore, 70, a Christian conservative who was eliminated from the state Supreme Court in Alabama twice for neglecting government law, declined the sexual accusations and said he did not know any of the women who made them. Reuters has not independently confirmed the accusations. The reaction comes after Mr Jones thanked his family and co-workers as he addressed cheering followers. Mr Trump’s election competitor Hilary Clinton soon tweeted her best wishes to Mr Jones.

However, Roy Moore’s campaign team had said it was unwilling to acknowledge the Alabama election to Mr Jones despite him having a 1.5% lead after 99% of the vote had been done. The Republican said votes were still coming in and that condition law would allow a recall if the edge was within half a percent. Moore allegedly did well with voters with less than a college education, while well-educated white voters chose against him in huge figures.