Air connectivity to be offered to Bekal, Kerala


The Bekal Fort located in the Kasaragod region of Kerala which will now have air connectivity soon, as announced by the Cochin International Airport Limited. The Bekal Fort is one of the most famous forts and sees a lot of visitors every year, so for making travel to the fort easier, an airstrip will be constructed in the region.

The airstrip that will be constructed in the Bekal Fort region will be enough to accommodate a 50-seater flight and will occupy around 120 acres of land. For the construction of this airstrip, the government has granted permission and has sanctioned Rs35 crore for the first phase of the construction. The whole construction process will be done under the guidance of the Cochin International Airport.

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The main aim of constructing this airstrip is to better the connectivity of the place from other places in India. The construction of the airstrip will mean that more and more tourist can easily come to the Bekal Fort. The airlines can directly operate to Bekal or can offer air connectivity from international airports in the State.

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The Bekal Fort is the largest fort in Kerala and was constructed by the Chirakkal Rajas. To promote the tourism of the place there are have been many efforts made by the Kerala government. Currently it is also an exotic beach destination. The region has around 6 major resorts and these attract a lot of local and foreign visitors. The only concern for visiting the place was connectivity, but with the availability of flights, the Bekal region will see more tourists than ever before.

It is an initiative taken by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) and the State Tourism Department to increase the footfalls at the Bekal region and fort. Along with the construction of airstrip, there have been a whole lot of efforts being made in order to build the required infrastructure in Bekal for catering to the more number of tourists that would come in. BRDC is working on building pathways, fencing along the boundary, construction of a service road, water tank, and improved water supply, etc. for welcoming more tourist to the region.