Africa: First underwater hotel opens


The Manta Resort is located on the Zanzibar Island of Pemba. It is here that a new attraction for tourists has been established which is a property constructed underwater. It is only the second such hotel in the world to be existing as of now. The other property with such exclusivity is located in Sweden. Both the projects have been the creation of Mikael Genberg, an artist of Swedish origin. The one at Sweden was constructed under a lake.

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The Manta resort is constructed 13 feet under the surface and that makes it deeper by three feet from its first sibling, the one at Sweden. The Manta resort is under sea and anchored to the sea bottom by two anchors.  The bedroom has numerous windows which offer the guests a near 360 degrees panoramic view of life under water. There is corral formation to gaze upon and then the live fishes which are ample in variety that flit about and across the glass windows. The roof deck is above the sea surface and then the landing deck at sea level. These two have a lounge and bathroom for guests to arrive at. Guests therefore get the thrill of enjoying a sunbath on the upper decks. It also offers perfect environ for star gazing at night given the unobstructed view of the open sea till horizon.  There is no ambient light existing to hamper this night sky view experience of the guests. The night also offers the guests a mesmerizing experience of the underwater life with the low lighting design of the windows.

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Cost of the stay at the resort is $900 for a single person lodging per night and for a couple it is $1500 per night. Living with the fishes around you, is an experience that has its own distinct charm. The cost is reasonable in this way. The inner décor of the suite is also befitting the overall set up. Given the high degree of creative spirit in the maker and designer of the resort this is a must experience activity for any tourist going to the region. Comparing the experience with the one at Sweden would not stand to reason as the ambience and natural environment of the two places are very much different. While the one at Sweden would be tranquil and near stationary, the one at Africa would be quite a lively experience.