7 zingy zebra print pieces to buy in 2017

  1. Gucci loafers


Image source: queenofjetlags.com

One of the stylish and trendy modern shoes, with zingy zebra printing Gucci Loafers would the best fashion accessories for women. 

  1. H&M dresses


Image source: nutterbuster.com

H&M wardrobes often known as the maternity wear, we can also point it as maxi dresses since there’s not much difference in it.

  1. Topshop shoes


Image source; topshop.com

It’s the kind of trendy wear often picked by the women since it has high heels. Purchasing printed model shoes like Zebra prints and so will be the fashion icon and often loved by the buddies especially while wearing those in parties.

  1. Finery Skirt


Image source: finerylondon.com

Finery Skirt which is the specially designed wardrobe for the women who works, it’s the perfect work wear which suits all types of dress codes and matches perfectly to many tops.

  1. Warehouse Sweater


Image source: warehouse.co.uk

Warehouse sweater is the women custom designed wardrobe and even one can find such kind of sweater for men too.

  1. Femme Cardigan


Image source: pinterest.com

It’s the winter coat which can be wearable for all men, women, kids and even older age people. The presence of fur in the coat protects the person from cold.

  1. Marc Jacobs Jumper


Image source: Lyst.com

It’s one of the pattern designers from Marc Jacobs’s wardrobe, best thing to wear while visiting the cold places.