7 yummy street foods in Hyderabad Which make you feel crazy


1. South Indian Items, Ram bhai’s Bandi

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If you feel too hungry late at night, no worries you will find crowds all time in the Ram bhai’s Bandi. Just reach the place fast and fast where you can taste yummy south Indian ildis and cheesy dosas in this mini heavenly restaurant.

2. All Flavoured Ice Creams


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Had a best day out full day and finished dinner in a pleasant restaurant? But are you later longing to have an ice cream late at night means then you can get your favourite Willy Wonka to Oreo delight and all varieties of your choice.

3. Spicy Hyderabadi Biryani


Image source: www.thehindu.com

You can get hyderabadi biryani everywhere nowadays, from streets to high class restaurants with similar recipe. Here these are specially cooked under the fire by keeping Goat Meat, soaked with spice and placed at the centre of the utensils inside the basmati rice.

4. Crispy Samosa


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The Samosa’s are made with a batter of flour and squeeze it to stuff boiled potatoes inside the flour and then fried it carefully up to certain brown colour. It is one of the best snacks that sold in the streets along with chillies and lemons.

5. Special yummy Pani Puri


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Pani Puri is a yummy Indian street food all over the world which differs only with the stuffing used in each places. The crispy fried little puri’s served with spicy potato fillings and bitter water. It gives a different taste from normal dishes which attracts people more.

6. Tasty Punugulu


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Punugulu is a chop made with dosa batter that made in round shapes and deep fried in oil. This is a very common local street food found in Hyderabad where several people enjoying the dish on the streets happily.

7. Tasty Spicy Kebabs


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Don’t miss the Hyderabad Kebabs. It is a spicy and tasty marinated chicken or beef crammed in long sticks and roasted well by keeping over the fire. It will be toasted in the smoke of fire well until it got perfect state to eat.