7 yummy foods in Chennai which will increase your hunger


1. Soft and fluffy – Idli


Image source: www.tastyappetite.net

Idli should be white, soft, fluffy, and round in shape. Making idli’s is an art where everyone can’t prepare it in the same awesome method. Taste the hot idli along with freshly prepared Chutney and Sambar which gives extra tasty flavour.

2. Spicy – Masala Dosa

travelfuntu.comImage source: chennaimasaldosa.wordpress.com

It is a Spicy food that stuffed with potatoes and fried onions in a different flavour. Most of the people like this kind of highly spiced Masala dosa variety among several items that filled in the Chennai menu cards lists.

3. Traditional – Kuzhi Paniyaram


Image source: pachakam.com

This Kuzhi Paniyaram can be enjoyed in two different varieties such as steamed and fried. The sweet paniyaram made up of Jaggery syrup which would make your tongue out for more and more. The fried paniyaram is made by deep frying and eat with Chutney and sambar.

4. All time Favourite – Bajji

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Don’t miss the little spicy Chilly Bajji in Chennai Beaches which complete your happy session in the seashore. It is awesome to have a long walk along seashore with bajji and chutney as side dish. There are also Valakkai and Urulai kilangu bajji’s available in beaches.

5. Perfect Side dish – Chettinad Chicken

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Chettinad Chicken is a perfect fiery curry that loaded with variety of masalas to spicy it up to unique tasty level. It is a wonderful combination to taste along with rice, dosas, and parottas. No non-veg lovers miss this part especially in Chennai.

6. Main starter – Chicken 65


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Chicken 65 play vital role as appetizers that can found everywhere in Chennai from street stalls to high reputed restaurants. The Ginger-Garlic paste and chillies imparts a unique taste and make people to eat it over and over again without tire out.

7. Coolest Drink – Paneer Soda


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Paneer soda is a unique flavoured coolest drink which makes you addicted to it once you started to taste. The rose essence makes tracks of sweetness along with flavour of soda that tastes different and a perfect drink for Chennai’s hot climate.