Lingerie is fundamental in the life of a woman. Since it is not a secret that when we buy underwear, we not only want to feel comfortable, but they also feel that way. Therefore, this is a list of the underwear that they like the most.

G-String or Thread

Basically, it’s a small triangle with a little more fabric on the front, with elastic strips on the rest. That is why it is called “thread”, because it resembles a dental floss.

The G-String is used for dresses and skirts very tight to the body, and that practically demand to go with nothing underneath.  



Similar to the threads, they are considered as a much more comfortable version of these. And they are the ideal undergarment to avoid marks on your pants. The thong is made to hide perfectly under the clothes.


It is usually thin at the sides, and with enough cloth to cover all your butt. 


They are similar to bikinis, but offer a more traditional cut, being straighter and higher at the hip.

Boy shorts

It’s the kind of panties you should wear with shorts and skirts with movement, so if the wind makes one of your own you do not end up showing everything to the world.

High to the waist


This style returned to be a trend for a few years here, and not only do we see it in the series, today it is a coveted garment in both underwear and swimsuits.



On the most uncomfortable days of the month it is advisable to wear comfortable shorts that make you feel safe.