7 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Australia


1. Kangaroos


Image source: www.australiangeographic.com.au

Any one going to Australia wants to spot a Kangaroo for sure. But do not expect kangaroos to be roaming around in the cities. Even in Australia you will have to travel to the wild that is a national parks or a reserve to find kangaroos. The best place to visit if you love wildlife is Kangaroo Island near Adelaide. There are many other zoo and national parks in Australia.

2. Exposure of Sun


Image source: www.indiatimes.com

The sun here is bad. Which means it is worse and you should never step out of indoors without proper sun protection. This place is prone to many health aliments caused due to the exposure to sun. The skin gets affected badly if you expose your skin to the sun in Australia for even more than 30minutes.

3. The Unpredictable Climate


Image source: tcktcktck.org

The climate in Australia is just unpredictable. It may be raining one moments and burning hot the next moment and then out of nowhere you will hear about some bushfire close by. So leave indoors with proper preparation for any kind of weather.

4. Highly Expensive to Live


Image source: virginmoney.com.au

Everything in Australia is expensive, from travelling, to shopping, to eating, etc. so one should be careful while choosing or planning a trip within Australia.

5. Australian Foods


Image source: www.seriouseats.com

Though expensive, the food in Australia is tasty and breakfasts are amazing. So you should also make it a point to explore different eating places so that you can taste most kinds of dishes available.

6. Places to Visit Other than Cities


Image source: www.pinterest.com

If you are visiting Australia then do not decide on staying and exploring the major cities. Visit places like Queensland, New South Wales, Darwin and National Territory. This is where you will be able to get the real essence and see the real beauty of Australia.

7. Bushfires


Image source: www.lasavia.co.nz

A common thing in Australia that all visitors must know is about the sudden bushfires that can occur at any time of the day. So before planning a day out, check the news and get all informations about the road conditions.