7 things to remember while preparing for an interview

Read what you have written

Interview – Even though it is not mandatory to tell again what you have mentioned in your resume but it is crucial to confirm whether you are mentioned the best and suitable things about you. Your resume is your first impression and by the information on the resume only the interviewer is going to know about you. So, you should be very careful in writing the best of you in resume and be clear what you have mentioned in the resume because the HR will starts the questions from your resume only.

7 things to remember while preparing for an interview

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Don’t be fake or lie

You have to be yourself to explain what you must be at the interview. Don’t underestimate your interviewer’s observation skills and always say truth and positive words.


You should always be on time for the job interview. If there is any delay, it will create the bad impression about you.

Dress code

While going to the interview, you should follow the formal dress code and neat dress to immediately impress your interviewer. First you have to know the dress code of the particular corporate company and do follow it.

Manners & Politeness

You should approach everything in a professional manner and say all the answers bold and polite.

Questions & Concerns

When you have any questions or concerns to ask to the interviewer, it is advisable to ask it during the interview to show positive outlook.

Body language

Body language is your key consideration and signs about you. Keep the bold, energetic and interactive body language with the interviewer.