It is called rightly the capital of abundance starting with its gigantic structures which are the marvel of modern architectural designs along with the shopping options and the places for pure entertainment. It is all there is Dubai making it the most sought after place for a tourist to visit.

 Cultural feast

People from different nationalities and cultures join the population of Dubai. This however has not in any way diluted the base culture of the original people in the region. Traditional buildings and even historic ones that stand in the region makes for interesting visit and insight into this rich cultural heritage of the region. The Jumeriah Mosque is one such must see structure of architectural wonder. A look into the engrossing history of the region can be learnt from the museums which too are elaborate in every manner. The Dubai museum and the XVA Art Hotel are some of the particular places of visit.    

 Gourmets delight

 With the variety of nationalities residing in Dubai, the variety of cuisines available in Dubai is equally wide ranging. Visitors therefore would remain confused in the satiated manner when it comes to the options of food to select from. The choice includes the Middle Eastern cuisine to the exotic flavour of the Indian subcontinent. Most every variety of Asian cuisine is available in plenty. Visitors would never have to taste the same dish or preparation for more than one day during their stay at Dubai. These are available at outlets which in itself are a wonder to be sitting within. The ambience and the services that the restaurant and hospitality sector of Dubai have on offer is unparallel.

Shoppers Paradise

Not many words required to explain how shoppers throng Dubai to whet their appetite. Dubai boasts of the world’s largest mall which caters for everything and everyone in the world.  From a pin to an elephant is the common phrase used to describe the availability of products that visitors to Dubai and its shopping arcades can find.  So far as retail outlets go, Dubai ranks second after London for two consecutive years. Shopaholics would return with withdrawal symptoms after their visit to Dubai. 

Adventure activities

Adventure lovers would also find all the amenities available at Dubai to spend an exhilarating time. Skydiving and hot air ballooning are two sporting adventures that has long been established at Dubai. In recent times even snow skiing activity has been made possible in Dubai. Thanks to modern technology this sport which is in complete contradiction to the natural climatic and geographic conditions in Dubai has been made possible through artificial set up. Explorers could also take part in underwater activities where shipwrecks could be ventured into.

 Manmade wonders

 One other reason that placed Dubai on the tourist map has been the man made islands. The city has in the process acquired lots of space to expand.  The ‘Lost City of Atlantis’ is one such wonder that visitors can go to. It is a theme park of sorts, but of mammoth magnitude. The water slides, underground grottos and aquarium are some of the things which would keep visitors mesmerized.

 View from top

 Going to space would be something that is yet centuries away, and yet visitors at Dubai can experience what the world looks like from up above. The Burj Khalifa is a building that carries the tag of being the tallest building in the world. A ride to the top is like being on top of the world.

 Celebrity paparazzi

 Dubai has its share of celebrity from the tinsel world visiting its premises. Premieres or films Hollywood as well as other regions are held here very frequently. Shooting of films also take place regularly. Visitors would therefore come across their favorite stars either at the events or the shooting sites.