7 Popular places for water sports in world


1. Phuket in Thailand


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Novices can enjoy skiing through the waves on the beaches in this area. There is surfboarding too for those who want to enjoy this sport. There are a number of agencies here that offer such adventure sports amenities and facilities. Also spots for enjoying these types of water sport are many along the beach from Phuket up to Kata Yai. November to March is the best time of the year to visit this place for having fun in these water sports.

2. The Goan water fun


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This small state of India holds exquisite places of natural beauty in its long stretches of clean sandy beaches. The interest of watersports and its great possibility in these stretches have well been realized and developed very rapidly. Starting from a very tranquil water sport of angling, there is scuba diving, wind surfing and dinghy sailing fun that people can indulge in. The Bogmalo beach at Vasco is the prime spot for such activities with its not so crowded beach.

3. The Andaman Island archipelago

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This group of island in the southern tip of India holds in its water a huge range of underwater marine life. Scuba diving and snorkeling are therefore the most sought after water sports in this place. The Bala reef and Snake Island are two most popular spots for novices to go for their sporting passion. Para sailing too has recently been added to the water sporting events in the area and has been rapidly liked by tourists. It is best not to visit during the monsoon season.

4. Kayaking at Port Louis


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With its lovely lagoons Port Louis is the perfect place for some enjoyable water sports. Kayaking in the sea is therefore a sport that would lead the individual to soak in the natural beauty of the entire island waterfront. There is also swimming beside the dolphin that tourists could indulge in. Agencies of repute are most recommended to approach for such activities.

5. Kayaking at Tahoe


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Another perfect place for Kayaking is at Lake Tahoe in the U.S.A. tourists could also indulge in water skiing and paddling to see the natural beauty of the place at close hand. Best times to visit the area are March to May and September through November.

6. Surfing down south in Australia


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Australia has beaches that are just the place for taking on surfing as a water sport. The specific beach where this is very popular is at Brisbane. After surfing there is also paddling and scuba diving that interested people could undertake to see the underwater marine life in their natural habitat.

7. Cayman in the Caribbean islands


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The waves at Cayman are one of the most sporting ones to enjoy surfing in. The other popular water sport here is Jet skiing. The water is perfect as are the amenities that are available in the spots. Both novices and experts would find their level of enjoying these sports.