7 photos of Incredible India guaranteed to spark your wanderlust


1. The Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan


Image source:  www.indianpanorama.org

Everyone is aware of the Great Wall of China. But here in India lies an equally daunting structure , the walls of this fortification runs all of 48 km. makes it the second longest wall recorded in historical strictures,. Makes for a perfect picture taking site.

2. Vivekananda Rock memorial at Kanyakumari


Image source: www.theseashorehotel.com

A view of this place in the twilight time period would offer the traveler ample opportunity to capture its beauty in natural light. The structure of the great poet Thriuvalluvar and the Vivekananda rock form an artistic silhouette for the traveler.

3. Carvings on the walls of the Sun Temple in Karnataka


Image source: en.wikipedia.org

The Apsara carved on the walls of the famous temple at Karnataka is surely a photographer’s delight.  The exquisite curves of the creation and the long history in time of the rock carving makes it all the more important.

4. Kumarakaon and the house boats


Image source: http://travel.india.com

In the back waters of Kerala, the small hamlet named Kumarakaon offers a picturesque view with its houseboats moored alongside or out in eth middle of the large lakes. These houseboats were originally built to take on the rice harvest and store them till ready for processing.

5. War memorial at Ranchi, Jharkhand


Image source: www.worldtravelserver.com

It is dedicated to soldiers who sacrificed their lives for countries independence from British rule.  Dates back to 1942 and established by the British army. The cemetery with its somber setting would take back the photographer in time. It is one of the 270 common wealth graves that exist as yuet, and also it contains a museum with the collection of rare weapons and various collections which represents Jharkhand’s heritage status.

6. Lodge of Admiral Viceregal, Shimla


Image source: travel.india.com

Admiral Viceregal, Shimla also known as Rashtrapathi Niwas which is another left over reminiscence of the high standards achieved by British architects. The façade of this 1988 structure has stood the test of time during the period of Lord Dufferin, who later managed to occupy the lodge on the mid of same year.  

7. Tomb of Ibrahim Adil shah, Karnataka


Image source: wikimedia.org/

One of the historical Monuments built during the dynasty of King Adil Shahi in Bijapur Town. The two tombs that of the king and queen alongside each other offer a beautiful sight to capture. From the tomb one can able to get full 360 degree view of entire Bijapur town which is located around 530 kms away from Bangaluru.