500 extra trains to run for Krishna Pushkaram festival


The South Central Railways (SCR) of Indian has announced that they will run 500 special trains in the month of August in order to meet the demand of the passenger that will hopefully increase during the Krishna Pushkaran festival which happens only once in 12 years. Krishna Pushkaram is a festival of River Krishna. It is expected to be held on August 12th to 23rd in Vijayawada.


Image source: newstequila.com

The railways of India will also spend over Rs326.8million to improve the amenities of the pilgrims. There will be an addition of around 2000 coaches so that pilgrims can travel easily to Vijaywada. The maximum rush s expected at the Vijaywada station but the Indian Railways is also preparing itself for facing rush in Krishna Canal Junction, Gunadala, RayanapaduMadhuranagar and Gadwal which are the nearby stations.


Image source: www.krishnapushkaram.com

Along with train facilities, the SCR has also decided to provide passenger areas at nine stations along with escalator facility at the Vijayawada station. There will also be more footbridges and booking counters constructed.

The Andhra Pradesh government expected that 267,000 passengers per day will travel by train on normal days during the festival, and up to 500,000 will arrive on peak days.

In India festivals are a big deal and the Krishna Pushkaram occurs only once in 12 years, this means that people across the country will turn up at the venue, Krishna River at Vijaywada. Managing with the existing facilities and trains might get difficult and so the SCR has taken the initiative of providing comfortable travel for the pilgrims.

The facilities that the SCR has come up with will be great benefit for both passengers and the Andhra Government. For the travelers the new trains will give people more options for travelling and the rush in the trains can be distributed. And for the government, the managing of the crowd and then directing them in the station will be easier.

Now one has to wait and see that how much crowd turns up at Vijaywada and how the whole management takes place in the city. The government is of the hope that the new facilities will be of great help to the pilgrims.