50 Taj hotels certified with Earth Check Gold status


Fifty of the Taj Group Hotels Resorts and Palaces have been awarded the EarthCheck Gold certification after an audit for environmental performance of the hotels. The audit showed that 50 of the Taj Hotels have an average of 28.6 per cent reduction of energy, water and waste which has saved up to $6 million of the operational cost.


Image source: blog.stregisbali.com

This is a very big achievement of the Taj Group as they are the first Hotel groups to have got the Earth Check Gold status of 50 of its hotels in the same year, so it is a matter of great pride for the group.

EarthCheck is a programme which reiterates the efforts made by different companies and businesses in promoting sustainable living and business methods. For this purpose the Earth Check has awarded the Taj Group with the Gold certification so that the Group continues its effective work towards saving and conserving the Earth.


Image source: newssuperfast.com

The audit found that the energy usage of the Taj Hotels was cut down by 11.9 per cent which resulted in the saving of 558m mega joules of energy, and then the water consumptions was reduced by 24.8% which again resulted in the saving of 1.8 billion liters of water. The whole effort of Taj has resulted in reducing the amount of wastage produced by hotels, to half (49.3% reduction which means 11.4 million liters of waste).

77 of the Taj Hotels are now registered under the Earth Check programme and 50 of them have got the Gold status. Taj Groups has now completed 5 years of continues benchmarking in the EarthCheck initiative. Some of the Taj hotels which got the certification include the Rambagh Palace and Taj 51 Buckinggham Gate Suites and Residences.

Where there is being so much pollution and wastage caused by many businesses and hotels, this is a tremendous gesture that the Taj Group has shown towards saving the natural resources and minimizing waste. The Taj Group has many ongoing green initiatives to protect and conserve Earth and its resources. They have also installed wind turbines generators and green plan walls at their hotels as a part of their green initiatives.