5 Tips on How to stay safe on a backpacking trip


1. Research well


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Do your researches well before you travel to new places.  Know about the currency of the place, rules of the place, places to stay and book it before you reach the place, and choose a safe place for yourself.

2. Do not carry in-hand all your money


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Always divide your money and do not carry all your money in your wallet all the time. Carry two cards and leave one at the hotel. Let some money be in the bank and carry just the required money and one debit or credit card while you travel to places.

3. Carry a medical kit


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Anything can happen anytime and searching for a medical store can be difficult in an unknown place. So it is always better to carry your basic and essential medicals.

4. Carry photocopies of all your important cards


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All your documents such as passport, ID cards, debit cards, license, etc. should be photo copied and you should carry it always. Leave one copy at the place where you are staying.

5. Have a backup for important numbers


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While travelling to a different country or city, make sure you are not completely dependent on your electronic devices. Have important phone numbers written in a diary separately so that you can refer to it in case of any mishap.