Startups are playing a major role in providing high-end information, goods and services in the country. However, in this capitalist world, nothing exists without money. Like Cuba Gooding Jr yelling “Show me the money!” in Jerry Maguire, the startup game needs the right capital and finance from the right investors. This week the following startups have been gifted funds by the other companies and investors.


  1. IMAX Program

 An emerging player in the education business, IMAX program is based on individualized progressive learning and is based on the IT Hub, Bengaluru. The startup has closed a deal $13.5 million from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (started by the CEO of Dell).


  1. MoneyOnMobile

 Providing financial and banking services online, this has been a good week for MoneyOnMobile as it received $5 million from Russian aerospace giant S7 Group.


  1. Zoomcar

 Another player from Bangalore, Zoomcar has gotten lucky in the Series C funding round by Mahindra and Mahindra as it raised a whopping $40 million. This startup is mainly involved in renting automobiles.


  1. PetSutra

 A small company based in Gurugram has emerged as a big shot in the pet business, offering pets for adoption and health, hygiene and wellness tips to pet-owners. A seed investment of $0.14 million has been made for PetSutra.

 5. Holachef

 Diamond and food tech is a pretty weird combo, but it is all fine when it comes to the money. This week, Ashoka Gajera, a big name in the Mumbai diamond business, provided $0.31 million for the food tech startup HolaChef.