5 Smart, affordable work wear brands suites better as office dress codes

When it comes to work wear proper care should be given in order to express yourself in the work place. Especially if you are working women, then proper and ethical wardrobe should be required in order to make yourself comfortable and affordable to the environment. Here are the lists of smart and affordable work wear which can be apt for the working women.

Pelham dress


Image source: Pinterest.com

For those who prefer to be structured in their work place then wearing Pelham dress would be the perfect option. It is simply the demanding city girl dress codes.

Fitzroy top


Image source: telegraph.co.uk

In literal it is a two piece dress which can adapt well for those who often travel on their work. Moreover, it is the ideal dresses which can be mixed and matches with many other formats.

Polka dot blouse


Image source: vodkainfusedlemonade.wordpress.com

To be frank, the polka dot blouse is the professional work wear brand. It can matches with the modern girl dresses like suits and other soft wearing.

Lauren tailored blazer


Image source: winserlondon.com

Lauren tailored blazer would the apt dress code for those who prefer to wear the neutral wardrobe in their work place. The dress code often satisfies the advisory role in a concern.

Carter dress


Image source: libbylondon.com

It is an excellent short dress that can be well adaptable for all types of work women.