5 signs that you are a strong woman and you are different from the others

The ladies have always been considered inferior to men in more ways than one.  Here are 5 signs that you are a strong woman and you are different from the others, holding your head high even in the most trying situations.


Image source: justforlove.online

Signs of strength in the women

  1. Immense courage: A powerful lady will always have the courage and stamina to face any kind of situation, be it at home or work. She will never shy away from voicing her protests in case of injustice done. In perilous situations she may feel fear but she would definitely conquer it and go ahead to face the music.
  2. Independence: Who says that you need a man in your life to feel complete? Sure, companionship is nice and necessary. But a strong lady is always self sufficient, be it economically, emotionally or otherwise.
  3. Humane and compassionate: A strong woman is never aggressive. Her cup of compassion and empathy for others is always overflowing. This is what makes a strong woman stand out. It is not many of us who nurture these human values.
  4. Self conviction: You always have the confidence in yourself and encourage others. Like they say, a strong woman fears no challenging situations. She gets tougher when life is hard.
  5. Cheerful and smiling: A smiling face wins a million hearts and provides self motivation for others. You believe in this saying and always maintain a cheerful front.