Kaihalulu Beach in Hawaii


image: iliketowastemytime.com

The attractive Kaihalulu beach is located in the isolated and remote island of Maui literally known as the At ka’uiki Head. Being rich in the iron content, the beach produces some of the world’s reddest sands in rough condition. Visitors are highly advisable to wear appropriate footwear’s for their safety concern during the walk on the beach. 

Red Beach in Santorini


image: feel-planet.com

The island santorini cited in the Greece is well known for the volcanic history owing to that the land surface of the island often gives you the variety of color while looking by naked eyes. The beaches at the santorini island gives you the different types and also the different colored sands like red, white and even you can witness the black sand in the beaches of the santorini. Visitors would loves to visit the southeastern beaches of the location where they can witness the widest and longest beaches of the island.

Cavendish Beach in Canada


image: tourismpei.com

The Cavendish in one of the main attraction for the visitors who are all visiting the Canadian proficiency. It’s the hot spot destination during the summer seasons for the travelers from all over the world. The amusement parks and fun filled water themed activities will surely keep your family entertained. You can find lots of restaurants and hotels for reasonable rates for your accommodation nearby the beach and you can enjoy the quality foods while visiting the tourists spot.  

Tangsi Beach


image: lcc-abbeytravel.com

Being located in the Lombok of the west nusa tenggara province of the Indonesian region, the Tangsi Beach is ranked as the one among the most beautiful top 7 beaches of the world. It’s one of the best attractive places for the tourists in that part of the world, and often known as the pink beach. The surrounding environment of the beach offers you quit and calm situation to relax yourselves.

Porto Ferro in Italy


image: Shutterstock.com

It’s one of the eye attractive designations for the local and international travelers to the Italy, the beach of the porto ferro would gives you the look of being more orange then the red color. The term ferro stands for the word ‘iron’ and tells you the strong story behind the naming the beach. The beach is the mixture of the limestone, coral pieces and one can find lot of volcanic residue throughout the entire sight of the beach land.