5 Mouthwatering Indian winter Foods that are a blessing in the cold

Gajar Ka Halwa


Image source: milkmaid.in

Winter is not complete without having a bowl of gajar ka halwa. It is an amazing sweet dish made out of grated carrots, milk and ghee. Many people wait for winter having this dish.

Sarson Da Saag


Image source: nripulse.com

Sarson Da Saag and Makkai ki Roti is the best food combination in Punjab and is famous all over India. The Sarson Da Saag is available only is winter and is very healthy.

Rogan Gosht


Image source: recipeshubs.com

A famous dish of Kashmir that helps in protecting the body against cold. It is a mutton dish that is made with different spices and dry fruits.

Gaund Ke Ladoo


Image source: Way2Foodie.com

Gaund Ke Ladoo is a sweet dish that is made in North India to keep the body warm during winters. This a favorite of many.

Paya Shorba


Image source: asianjournal.ca/

Another red meat dish that is made in winter to provide warmth to the body. Paya Shorba is made of mutton and here the meat is cooked for long in order to get the taste.