5 Meetings-Short Film By- Amit Khanna

Amit Khanna – This short film start’s with a chat between husband and wife,they both are ending their marriage after husband fail’s to keep his promises. But to give last chance to their marriage ,husband ask his wife to meet him 5 times, from here comes the title of 5 Meetings.

After each meeting wife attracts more towards her husband as he keeps his promises,she falls in love with him again ,as the fifth meeting is about to happen ,husband comes to meet her , but now there is an interesting climax waiting for you guys.

Buzzyoo Review: Very Nice script, an exceptional story, 5 Meetings is a mind blowing short film.

Writer and Director: Amit Khanna

Cast: Qutee Nagpal, Ankit Bhatia

Producers: Philum Makers- Shyam Patel and Amit Khanna

Voice Over: Priti Zaveri


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