1. Sweet Potato


image: Livestrong.com

You can make your sweet night to twinkle as like a start that too after having a sweet potato. It is because it contains high proteins, magnesium and calcium that helps you to stay relaxed. When you have them before night then sure you can able to travel to the world of unreality and have lot of fun in your dream.

  1. Banana


image: healthxchange.sg

 It is well and good when you eat banana or nuts before going to bed because you can eat them raw without cooking them. Even you can try up with walnut and almonds and these products have some special magic to give you good sleep without in taking any pills.

  1. Cherry Juice


image: caribbean360.com

If you prefer to have a light dish during your night times then you can make use of the cherry juice because it has high boosting level of melatonin. This juice can able to give the best result.

  1. Fruit Tea


image: gourmetgiftbaskets.com

If you are best lovers of tea then you can have them and it acts as good stress busting elements as well you can also make use of passion fruit tea these both can give you best sleep. It is recommended for you to have an hour before the sleep to get the best result.

  1. Honey


image: HealthyLeo.com

Yummy honey can work out well inside your body for that you have to mix honey with the chamomile tea and that could able to give you more restless sleep. It is natural no artificial ingredients are added to it so you can take them as such.