Tuscany, Italy


image: topworldresort.com

You’ve almost certainly seen images of wonderful Tuscan scenery that define this area of Italy. It is one of the most common areas in central Italy with its capital Florencia. Tuscany is known for its customs, amazing scenery, and history and influence of high culture.

North of Iceland


image: nonnitravel.is

Iceland is known for its cold and sweetness. The unique Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can be seen at its best here. If you are very fortunate, you can actually identify the lights from an aircraft, or from Reykjavik town center.



image: thetimes.co.uk

The capital of its name historical kingdom, Rome was once the center of the Mediterranean world. What continues to be is an amazing mix of past and present, where continues to be dovetail into impressive restaurants and high-class resorts. Rome is a globe symbol of food, fashion, and movie, for a valid reason.

Matterhorn, Switzerland


image: myswitzerland.com

Matterhorn is often called the Europe’s most popular peak. The Matterhorn is attractive for both active climbers and those preferring to see its spectacular beauty from a distance. However, it looks best when you see its representation in the Stellisee and Riffelsee Lakes with its peak lit by the sundown.

Galapagos Island


image: travelandleisure

These comprehensive groups of volcanic islands in the town of Ecuador are home to floral species and wildlife and wild animals like an underwater iguana that can be found nowhere else in the World. Guests can enjoy the wild animals carefully on boat tours, scuba journeys and hikes. This seascape is one location not to be skipped.