Top 7 sea foods in India


1. Fish Fry – major seafood in India


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It is the India’s all time favourite tang flavoured dish. Every state has its own style of cooking fish curry and fry with their uniqueness flavour in their dish. Fish recipe found in Bengali have a unique and delicious taste.

2. Prawns Fry

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One of the major dishes available in coastal area is Prawns recipe. Prawn lovers won’t miss to taste Tawa and Masala prawns which are tasty and took only few minutes to prepare. It is spicy with chilli, olive oil along with some Indian spice ingredients.

3. Boiled Crabs

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Crab is mostly favourite dish for many of the seafood lovers. Crab Soups, curry and tandoori are famous among Indian and all over the world. It is cooked as much spicy which is highly good for cold and serve as a medicine.

4. Lobster

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Lobsters is one of the famous Indian seafood which can cook in variety of methods such as boiled, steamed, bakes or grilled. It is a perfect dish to fit in any lunch menu. It is also a famous marriage party snack in India.

5. Stuffed Squid

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Squid is new seafood added in the menu of Indian seafood lists. This can be cooked as Spicy Squid Chili Fry and Fried Squid where both are very tasty that make you to have more each time.

6. Oysters – Health Beneficial

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Oysters can cook in variety of tasty ways like boiled oysters and a deep fry oysters. These are most famous seafood recipe with lots of savoury and spicy tasty and smell.

7. Sweet and Chilly Snails

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Snails also included in Indian seafood items which also known as Baigai means ‘a little water snail’. It is very famous seafood liked in Indian villages. Snails can be found in farm lands, lakes and rivers. It is a unique taste where some of you people never taste it yet.