32% of Indian travelers book via mobile apps, says Yatra Survey


A latest survey done by Yatra.com shows that there are almost 32% of the travelers who are using mobile phone apps for their planning and booking of holidays which shows Indian travelers are getting more and more technology friendlier.

The way Indian travelers plan and book their travel for holiday is changing drastically and this can be seen through the survey done by Yatra where one can see that Indian travelers these days decide on the go and are drifting towards more and more use of technology. The survey shows that there is an average 10% rise in the number of people who use mobile booking apps since the year 2014. And now in the year 2016 the surveys shows that almost 32% of Indian travelers opt for mobile app for booking their travel.


Image source: www.dealsjourney.com

A rise in the number of people who book their travel through app would also mean that there is a fall in the demand for travel agents, which the survey also showcases. In 2015 the use of travel agents was 11.2% whereas now it is 8%.

It is also a fact that many people still feel comfortable booking holiday through laptops and desktops, but then a gradual shift to mobile apps for booking is being noticed.


Image source: www.travelnewsdigest.in

Along with this the survey also shows that this summer around 31% of the traveler are planning and booking international trips rather than national. Now this shows that the spending power of the country and its people I surely increasing. And people are ready to spend good amount for travel.

In the survey it has been seen that the North Eastern states are also being highly booked this summer and are the top choice for domestic travelers. And for the International destination, Bali and Mauritius have come up as strong contenders.

One may say that the mind set of people or traveler in India is changing where people are now sending more on travel be it international or national. Along with this more people are getting familiar to the use of technology and using it for things like holiday booking as well.