11,000 hepatitis patients in UP government hospitals every year


The main source of viral hepatitis is contaminated water, and doctors have been warning people about it on the world hepatitis awareness day which was on 28Th July. Reports from the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence show that more than 11000 people at the UP government hospitals are affected with hepatitis.


Image source: www.voanews.com

There are 5 types of hepatitis virus and they can cause viral hepatitis which can lead to acute and chronic liver disease and even cause liver cancer.

The head of surgical Gastroenterology, KGMU said that more than lakhs of Indians are affected by waterborne viral hepatitis. They are transmitted through contaminated food and water and then go on to harm the liver badly.

The doctor also added that in healthy adults this disease can be controlled and self-limited. But in the case of children and pregnant women the disease can be fatal.


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Water borne diseases are anyways common in India as the proper piped drinking water does not reach all the houses in India. And due to this crisis people either have to buy water or they have to resort to unsafe drinking water. And it is reported that only 5% of the Indians buy proper water for drinking.

According to the World Health Organization almost 2 to 5% of the Indian population is infected with hepatitis. The worst part of it is that 95% of the people who are infected with viral hepatitis do not even know about their condition. And due to this they are not even treated. Moreover there is not no proper treatment available for Hepatitis. The available treatments can be costly and the tests are quite complex, for which most of the countries are not appropriately equipped. The best way to treat the disease is by preventing it. Due to this reason the doctors are insisting on the consumption of clean food and water.