10 things to do on your trip to Singapore


1. Gourmets favorite haunt, the Hawkers Market


Image source: www.thebestsingapore.com

Nowhere in the world other than at Singapore would a tourist find the variety of Asian cuisine for the taking. There is Haianese chicken rive too which is a local favourite of Singapore. The hawkers market is just the place to go to for appeasing all the appetising desires of the visitor.

2. Gamblers den, Marina Bay Sands a resort


Image source: tripwow.tripadvisor.com

No need for a visit to Las Vegas, which entails a big pressure on the purse of the visitor. Right here in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands a resort, offers all the thrills and shrills that the casinos at Las Vegas have to offer. The resort also includes shopping malls of such voluminous size that a gondola taxi maybe required to visit all its resources.

3. Animal Kingdom and night safari


Image source: thetunictraveller.wordpress.com

Rated the best zoological gardens, Singapore hosts them. The design of the enclosures in the zoo is such that visitors get the feeling of the inhabitants being closer to them. There is also a night safari that is conducted, being the only zoo in the world to have such a trip.

4. Visit the Singapore botanical garden


Image source: traveldelight.biz

There is a rainforest, lakes, cool plants set up in the botanical garden that have origins from places all over the world. The walk through the garden would not only soothe rough nerve ends but also give an insight to world flora view.

5. Get amused by mesmerizing Light show

travelfuntu.comImage source: www.gogappa.com

This is the coolest places and once again showcases a wide variety of flora and fauna. A musical light show amongst the high trees called Super trees would leave a mesmerising effect.

6. The Arabian tale, Haji Lane


Image source: thepod.sg

There is this lane in Singapore that is called Haji Lane. Arabian dress and decorative material can be picked up from here. 

7. View from Singapore Flyer


Image source: goseasia.about.com

Wheeling up the 541 feet tall Ferris wheel gives the visitor not just the exhilarating feel of the ride but also a beatific view of Singapore city from up above.

8. Chinatown in Singapore


Image source: fernloft.com

The shops which are in reality shop house sitting under the tall sky scarper houses belong to the Chinese natives. Chinatown is an area that is not to be missed out. Taste the food and the culture of China and Chinese people right in Singapore itself.

9. Dining at the White Rabbit


Image source: www.sgweddingmall.com

The cuisine and the ambience of this restaurant make it the most recommended place to visit for an eat-out. It is the old garrison church in whose structure this elegant restaurant been built.

10. Experience some India, Little India


Image source: besttopwallpapersus.blogspot.com

Like China there is also a big feel of India that visitors can get in Singapore. From the religious customs to the colourful costumes which India is well known by, all is available at the Little India joint.