10 Places in Dubai you would definitely want to visit with your family


The Burj Khalifa


Image source: luxurylaunches.com

No visitor has ever returned from Dubai without a visit at the tallest building of the world, the Burj Khalifa. Standing at 829.8 meter from base to top it has an observation floor at the 124th  level. The ride up on the high speed elevator is in itself a thrilling experience. The night time visit has a different charm and experience.

 Dubai Museum


Image source: itsaboutdubai.com

Housed in the Al-Fahidi Fort, this building of archeological interest has its history marked back to 1787. The area has now been converted into a museum holding relics from the past as well as graves which are some 3000 years old.

 Bastakia Quarter


Image source: www.dubaiattractions.com

The eastern portion of Dubai, this forms the old precincts of Dubai. It came into existence when Persian Merchants in the late 19th century. The buildings and roads here have a magical touch with their old architectural format.

 House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum


Image source: www.dubaiculture.gov.ae

Saeed Al Makhtoum ruled Dubai from 1921 to 1958. Some very precious photographs depicting Dubai in history makes for a star attraction for visitors. The building itself is located and constructed thus that the king then and visitors now can watch the shipping liners pass it by.

 Dubai Creek


Image source: travellingmoods.com

The towns of Deira and Bur Dubai stands alongside the creek which passes between them. This creek has been the main route of trade entering Dubai through its history. The Dhows which line the banks or some even yet operate on this water are wonders from the past.

Jumeirah Mosque


Image source: en.wikipedia.org

A Mosque that would hold any visitor entranced in its beauty. The architecture with its touch of the Fatimid tradition and the two minarets with its exquisite design work is something any tourist would be enthralled with the history.



Image source: www.tropicalisland.de

Situated on the northern side of the Dubai Creek, this is a cauldron of people from varied nations. Visitors get to experience a mix of the old times with modern age here. The markets here are famous and have happy  shoppers all days of the year bustling in them.

Sheikh Zayed Road


Image source: dubaimetro.eu

The main road running through Dubai provides the tourist a real feel of the style and class that the place beholds. The high rises bordering the eight lane roads would have wide eyed visitors whizzing down in their tourist cars.

 Bastakia Mosque


Image source: yallatoursblog.com

This is the most photogenic Mosque in all of the UAE. The lattice work and the designs engraved on the structure of the Mosque make it an exquisite piece of art work.

  The Dubai Aquarium


Image source: www.dubai-online.com

Housing some 140 species of sea life, the aquarium lies in a suspended state in the ground floor of Dubai Mall. The aquarium has tunnels too which visitors can enter from the Underwater Zoo side. The boat tour in this region is an added attraction for tourists.