10 Beauty Destinations outside London in England

  1. Pastille Beauty Bar


Image source: musicandeyeliner.com

Among several beauty bars and salons in the Leeds, Pastille beauty bar grabs the attention with the quality work carried by their beauticians.

  1. Millhouse Clinics


Image source: hiveminer.com

If you are worried about the ageing factor that Millhouse Clinics present in the Birmingham would be the best option undergo skin medications.

  1. The Chapel


Image source: vogue.co.uk

The award winning hair salon The Chapel has been in top list ever since they started to function right from the 19th century.

  1. Earls & Co


Image source: thefabuloustimes.com

For girl’s night out and to do the beauty treatment, Earls & Co would be the perfect destination, where one can find friendly staffs.

  1. The Rye Retreat


Image source: theryeretreat.co.uk

The Rye Retreat, from the historic town of Rye of East Sussex has the perfect beauticians where the visitors experience the quality salon and spa service.

  1. Gloss Bar


Image source: glossbar.co.uk

The Gloss bar located in the Hertfordshire is the one of the most loved nail polishing center by all, particularly on visiting the place along with the friends.

  1. Jill Zander, A Courthouse Medispa


Image source; truegracepr.com

With the presence of the highly trained professionals, the Jill Zander, A Courthouse Medispa in Surrey is the best place to treat all kinds of skin concerns.

  1. Goji Hair


Image source: businessinfocus.co.uk

Cardiff’s Goji hair salon provides the best hair service in the region which drives many people to visit them again.

  1. NAF Salon Glasgow


Image source: thesundaygirl.com

The NAF salon located very near to the Glasgow Central Station is the perfect destination for those who loves creative nail arts.

  1. Samantha Hillerby


Image source: vogue.co.uk

The Samantha Hillerby from the East Yorkshire is the best the real women can get in terms of beauty treatments.