In fact games are generated more than 91 billion across the world and most of the people are willing to play mobile games because this segment was getting largest revenue like 41 billion dollar. There are some new category games are available such as esports, gaming video content and virtual reality. Actually mobile gaming might be driven by the blockbuster hits such as clash royale and pokemon go. Besides virtual reality and augmented reality is the most popular mainstream in the entire gaming industry. In fact esports market is generated the 892 million revenue and many of the people are willing to download their desire games directly to game console. They spend 6.6 million on the digital downloads and pc gaming is getting more revenue 34 dollar billion.


To know about gaming industry growth

In a present world many of the people are interested to play the multiplayer online battle arena game because it has excellent gameplay. In fact personal computer games are also getting the big improvement along with the release of the new generation graphic cards which offered the 40% increase in graphic power. In fact within the global entertainment business, games might be looking great. In fact United States video game industry revenue is predictable to grow at compound annual growth rate is 3.6 percent in the year of 2015 to 2020. The global video game is expected to grow even faster and there are wide range of reasons are there to select this game like many segments.