Tensions have reached soaring heights between North Korea and the Unites States of America under the presidential rule of President Donald Trump. The former country continues to carry on its nuclear weapons and missile tests which was the root of provoking uproar on the international level.

North Korea’s latest ballistic missile testing which crashed in the Sea of Japan in the early hours of Sunday, has enraged United Nations Security Council, America, Russia and South Korea who have criticized missile test carried by North Korea. The State Media of the North Korea regime has made a huge hue and cry about the successful test and claimed that the “newly developed ballistic rocket” is indeed capable of carrying a nuclear war.


Image: mashables.in

South Korea’s newly elected President Moon Jae-in has warned of possibilities of grave conflicts with North Korea after the later made advances in its nuclear capabilities. Siegfried Hecker, a North Korean Military Program’s expert believes that it is of extreme importance that Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in agree on a united policy in order to tackle Kim Jong-un’s aggressive behavior. Whereas the Trump administration plans to tackle North Korea by isolating it with the rest of the world. North Korea has however vowed to continue its nuclear testing despite the threats from the US, Russia and China.

These tensions have forced Malaysia to reschedule the Asian Cup qualifier which was supposed to have been held on North Korea. This rescheduling is happening second time in a row, the first being for the murder of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother.