The diplomatic crisis implemented on the Qatar by its neighborhood countries is likely called as the failed one. Also the countries which have supported the move of political ban by the Saudi-Emirati is slightly withdrew their severity, in addition to that Saudi and emirates are failed to impress their allies in the region about their ban, even smaller nation which are dependent on their aids haven’t supported their ban on Qatar.

Fight between Two Country Media’s

The main thing about the instability among the supported countries would be the undetermined media’s in both regions. Though, the media’s from Qatar region strongly opposed the ban, it has been overcome and controlled to be silent by the powerful Saudi and Emirati media. While analyzing the fight between the channels Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia clearly portraits it. In general, the news published in Al-Jazeera is often considered as the more professional when compared with all others.

Non-Impressed European Countries

In response to the political severity over the Qatar by the Saudi-Emirati, it is expected that several western and European countries will support the banning move. However, majority of the European countries were not impressed and not supported the ban.

Even the newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron was the first leader from the European countries to call both nations for dispute. Followed it the supported nations like Morocco and Jordan too stepped back from their support and finds their own way to leave from the stage.



Reasons why Ban on Qatar went wrong

  • The story of Muslim Brotherhood is mainly believed by most of the Arabs as they are the main victims of Egyptian state repression. So it’s hard to place entire Muslim Brotherhood in terror list.
  • Current ban is out of proportion when compared with previous restrictions on Qatar.
  • There have been some serious regional security issues among Egypt, UAE with Qatar.