Why people are waiting for Nokia’s Android phone


In the recent days, there are a lot of rumours about Nokia is coming back in 2016 to release the brand new Android powered tablets and smart phones in the market. Nokia is a well known and very popular brand which would be liked by almost all mobile users. Everyone has huge craze on using Nokia mobiles at all the times. But this news was not only the rumour and recently there was an official announcement directly from the company. In this announcement, the Nokia Company said that it setup to come back again in the mobile markets to release the Android smart phones and tablets in 2016 under the same brand name.


Image source: www.gadgetraid.com

With this announcement, a lot of people around the world are eagerly waiting to use the brand new Android mobile from the Nokia brand which is Nokia C1. Nokia made an agreement with the Microsoft that it will not release the mobiles under its brand name till 2016. Similarly, Nokia Company only sold its phone business to the Microsoft. Still now, it has the several businesses like Nokia Technologies and Nokia Networks. After the completion of this contract, the new smart phone Nokia C1 and new tablet Nokia N1 powered by Android operating system will be released at the end of 2016. Foxconn will manufacture these smart phone and tablet under a brand licensing from the Nokia.


Image source: www.androidheadlines.com


When it comes to the Nokia C1 Android smart phone, it will be launched in two diverse variants based on various factors such as,

  • Size – One phone will come with 5 inch display of full HD 1080p screen. Another mobile will come with 5.5 inch display of full HD 1080p screen.
  • Memory – The 5 inch mobile model has 2 GB RAM & 32 GB internal memory and another model has 3 GB RAM & 64 GB internal memory.
  • Camera – First model include 8 MP primary camera and 2nd model include 13 MP primary camera.