In fact India embarked on the path of economic liberalization and NRI (Non Resistant Indians) might enterprise to optimize the return on investment avenues. To support this investment avenue, government might introduce the certain type of new schemes which offered the incentives and relaxation to attract investments especially from NRIs. As everyone knows real estate might be considered as the key area to attract like investment and sometimes it is one of the prominent and high returns sectors. Actually achievement of real estate by NRI could be governed by the foreign exchange management act (FEMA) in the year of 1999 and it might control from government. Normally NRI might purchase the immovable property apart from plantation property, farm house and agricultural land in India. At the same time NRI is permitted to the transfer immovable property and it can also repatriate sale proceeds of the immovable property. However RBI is permitted the NRIs to dispatch the amount up to USD one million in a year.


Amazing information about the immovable properties

According to the 2016, Real estate Regulation and development act effective from the 2017 and it is recognized as the customer friendly law. In fact RERA governs and covers the all kinds of existing, future and ongoing projects. Actually RBI and government have stressed ahead to increase the participation of NRIs investor in property. It is imperative that each investment in the real estate might be well thought out planned, implemented and evaluated. As everyone knows NRIs is always opportunistic in terms of the investment. Always keep in mind, further refund of application, purchase consideration and earnest money is made by the house building agencies and cancellation of bookings. In fact RERA might be emerged as the sturdy force in the welcoming participation and confidence of NRIs who arguably prominent investor in sector.