Game of Thrones is popular globally because of the amount of hard work put into this show. It has an excellent story with very consideration to very small details which make it even more interesting. Viewing the amazing politics of the ancient, dream world is way more fun than those drama shows in India who use the same story again and again with the only change in figures and places.

In India, the show director expands the storyline according to time provided not time according to the story. As for GOT, you actually put the thoughts into what would occur next and some amazing thoughts with careful considerations come out with amazing and precise concepts. It is not just a show, but a realm of its own.

The main reason for the popularity of the show is the absence of any good content on mainstream Indian television. An entire generation of youngsters has almost stopped watching Indian television and there are not many systems (barring from digital ones) to serve their needs and interests of enjoyment.

Also, the show is one of its type with amazing storytelling and powerful figures and story. The recommendations have made the show highly sought after all over the globe.

The show has since it begun in Apr 2011 brought to life a lot of already existing terms such as ‘spoilers’, bringing the fans to the emotional edge with the number of character killings.

The promoters and types have also not shied away of encasing the most famous and ‘arguably’ the most discussed international shows in India. One of the most expensive shows, Game of Thrones’ fan following remains remarkable in all the 170 countries that it has reached.


The brands also have tried to drive on the back of the show’s 6th season in India. After the biggies around the globe, Obama, Duchess of Cambridge and much more freely confessed their enthusiastic love for the tv show. Many giant brands also claim of catching Season 6  of Game of Thrones on World Premiere HD.

Unlike other shows, Game of Thrones is full of uncertainties. You never know what’s going to happen next. The figures whom you start liking and start looking forward to their role get killed. A lot of main figures have been killed during the course of its 6 seasons. It is based on the seven kingdoms fighting for the Iron Throne and the dangerous political and war involved. Some moments are extremely horrible and would relax your spines plus there are lots of nudes too. The show will definitely amuse you if you give it a try.